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The End Of Summer

“Deep Summer is when laziness finds respectability.” Sam Keen….I refuse to use the word depressed. Prefer denial and easier to deal with. Speaking with my brother this morning, a retired psychiatrist who soon will be 85, we briefly touched on the fact that time is fleeting by. As we get older, it does seem to go faster….and yet faster. What I have said before I will say again. “I will not say, where did Summer go.” I know where it went, it just seems like Spring arrived. To over think , will end up depressing me. Magical thinking on my part, is to just stop the clock. Physically I can’t do that, but emotionally I can just stop looking and listening to the ticking away. So as banal as it sounds, and you hear it over and over again. No choice, but to live in the moment and rejoice.Exalt in the fact you are healthy. Not something to ever take for granted. I did hear a humorous story, that if you are over 65 and get up in the morning and nothing hurts, you’re dead. You do arrive at a certain age, hopefully with some wisdom to pass on to anyone who will listen. You also learn very quickly that there are no do overs….but there are new beginnings. Fall for one. So the best thing is be mellow, chill out and enjoy those last lazy hazy days of summer, and look forward to the crisp air of Autumn. They even wrote a song about “Autumn in New York.” and when the polar vortex arrives this Winter? “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

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  1. Awesome words.. However, living in Texas, Fall is a ways off. I will see cooler weather around the middle to end of October. I have leaves on my trees until the end of November and sometimes into December and will not see much snow. Fine with me. After living in Michigan for 4 years, I got real tired of the stuff. Summer is my favorite time of year, although this year I haven’t had much of one. Trip to Europe in June not withstanding. I have been completely consumed by wedding plans and the event. With that gone… school is on the horizon starting Monday. yeha…
    Time does keep marching on and I can remember my elders say, “The older you get, the faster it goes” I was your typical teenager Pfftt! I wish I had listened more closely.
    The older we get. hopefully the more wise we become! 😉

    • Thank you dear Courtney,
      I wish the clock would stop a little. It is true that time zooms by and true the older you get, you hope you get wiser. I have learned for years to live a mindful life. Mindfulness keeps you in the now. I once read that anxiety and depression are caused by living in the past and fearing the future. If you have your health, that’s the most important to be grateful for…Then of course family and friends when nourished by them. A good relationship is both nourishing each other. I just wrote that Summer isn’t ending….Fall is beginning. Even though Fall officially arrives in mid September.. Labor Day Weekend for me signals Summers departure. My favorite month is April. September is bitter sweet. My husband died a few days after his birthday. My sons birthday is also in September and we celebrate that joy. Your weather sounds lovely. Always good connecting with you.
      Have a great Labor Day Weekend. xoxo

      • I feel so blessed to have connected with awesome people like you through my blog!
        My dad is coming from Kentucky to visit this weekend. He arrives tomorrow. He comes to see us a couple of times a year. It should be an awesome weekend. I pray you have one too! 😀

      • The feeling is mutual. I feel the same way. It was meant to be that we meet. Serendipity is something I believe strongly in. I was just interviewed with two other women I thought would be terrific, for Global News Brazil. About what’s it like to be single and part of the over 20 group. I never liked labels so senior, octogenarian, older, etc etc are annoying to me. I’m honest about my age but love the Satchel Paige quote. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were.”
        If fortunate to have good health, it’s really just a number, not a limitation.
        Have a wonderful visit with your dad and thank you. I have plans the whole weekend with different friends and my kids on Mon. All nourishing loves in my life.

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