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Humility and Gratitude

I am forever grateful for all the comments you have sent me. I answer every one, because I am humbled by those of you who appreciate, and  take the time to comment on my posts. Many years ago. whenever anyone asked me what I do, I always said “I write” never “I’m a writer.” Once I was published years ago on and New York Woman,  and now writing for mothernatureisaman, URAWarrior, and Bershan Shaw, I feel I can say ‘I’m a writer.”….with great pride. I know my husband would have been very proud of me, and I feel his positive energy and love every single day, even though he is no longer physically with me. A grief therapist I met only once, and then emailed for a year, told me “he’s only in the next room.” I told her I looked and he wasn’t there. I now  know exactly what she meant. It just took me a few years to realize he became my guardian angel. When you dearly love someone so much, they never die, they never emotionally leave you, and spiritually are with you always. My comfort…Finally finished 80,000 word women’s humor fiction novel with my co-author and friend of over 35 years. Took about that time to finish. Whatever happens with our book, we did it. We both wrote our characters and content of book. I am very technically challenged, and could never have put the book together, but she did, and now we have two versions. One I like with all the back story, and one she likes with the back story integrated. The publishing business is difficult at best, but we are going forward. Hope is an emotion I hope to have until my last breath. So here’s forever hoping our book is seen or read.  Realistically, I believe in our book more than me ever finding another soul mate. A most positive realization, not negative in anyway….because… never know…the word hope never leaves me. Whenever I feel the need for some positive reinforcement, your comments do the job, and for that I am deeply grateful for all of you who have shared your words with me.   Thank you, Paulette

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  1. Congratulations Paulette!!!! That is wonderful! What an awesome accomplishment. I didn’t know you had been published in so many places. Now I feel a little humble to have you as a blog friend! 🙂
    Please let us know when your book is available!

    • Hi Courtney,
      Thank you for your kind words. The publishing business and process is difficult to say the least. Our book actually would make a great women’s film..It’s not a romance novel, but a book on the bond between women’s friendships. I take what you said as a great compliment, because of your accomplishments as well. Happy to have you as a blog friend tool

  2. Hope is an eternal well from which we can drink to replenish our spirit and soul. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Paulette.

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