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Fear Instead of Joy

Very excited about going to Madison Square Garden tonight to experience Charles Aznavour. Possibly his last tour. One of the most romantic singers from France, and hopefully most of his program will be in French. There should be no feelings of fear, Just sheer  joy in going. Things have changed though, and I feel frightened. Living in New York City , one has to realize we’re a target . I have learned to live with that reality, but not obsess .. If not, I would stay in my apartment under the covers. We don’t live in fear. If we did, then “they” have won. New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and yet……………………. If I lived in another state, I wouldn’t think of the possibilities. This is where power over  mind must play a part in my life. Over-thinking causes over-thinking. The presence of so many police due to high security should be comforting, but it’s the reverse for me. Going to such a large venue, and then next week to Yankee Stadium makes me apprehensive, and you can’t help but think. It just can’t happen, but sadly it can.

Madison Square Garden….evening of pure joy…safe and sound….

Comments on: "Fear Instead of Joy" (5)

  1. I hope you had a great evening and a wonderful time at Yankees Stadium. Don’t allow fear to steal your joy,

    • Thank you Syl and very true. Not on my mind constantly. Evening was wonderful and Charles Aznavour at 90 was in great voice and full of energy. Yankee game is this week and one of the last games Derek Jeter is playing. What a champion he is.

  2. Thank you and think it’s his last day game at Yankee Stadium. He really was and is the greatest role model. Just wrote about the evening and was amazed that Charles Aznavour will be 91 in July…and still performing like he was a young man. Think when he sings, he becomes a young romantic man.

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