Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Living in New York City allows  me the joy and opportunity to experience and exalt in wonderful Carnegie Hall. Most recently Rachmaninoff, Symphonic  Dances and  Stravinsky, The Firebird. I certainly don’t pretend to be a music critic, and my enjoyment is far more emotional than intellectual. I don’t  know every nuance of the pieces, but according to the New York Times, I knew I was in for a treat. Just to be at Carnegie Hall is both a splendor and magical experience. The sound perfection wherever you are seated. For music lovers, I quote….”Rachmaninoff’s  Symphonic dances is his last major work, a dazzling three movement orchestral showpiece bursting with color and intense lyricism that weaves threads of Russian Orthodox chant with the harrowing  Dies Irae, resulting in a vibrant finale. Stravinsky’s  The Firebird, the first of the great ballets he wrote for Sergei Diaghilev  is cinematic in its vivid depiction of monsters and infernal dances and concludes with one of the most thrilling endings in all of music.” ….and then the brilliant conductor Sir Simon Rattle. When he took the orchestra’s helm in 2002 he initiated the Education Program to ensure that the Berliner Philharmoniker  reached a wider, younger audience. A special passion is to bring the work and music to young people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Once upon a time, my memories of Carnegie Hall began with my husband. In ten years since he has died, every time I go, he is with me. His energy envelopes the Hall and gives me the feeling of listening to the music with rapture and sadness.  We held hands when the music touched us at the same time. The emotions evoked by the majestic sounds of the music are a gentle melding of memories  and missing…. But so forever  grateful to be in this place, in this city, with a dear childhood  friend, and rejoicing in the moment. Sheer joy!!!!

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  1. Beautiful posting, Paula. So glad you enjoyed so much in the moment, and also had those happy memories.

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  2. Alan Shaw said:

    Reading this felt almost as good as being there, Paulette. Simon Rattle for a while lead the orchestra – the CBSO – for the city I was born in, so I have had the pleasure of hearing one of his former orchestras play some of the pieces you mention. We always knew he’d go far…:-D

    • Thank you Alan for your comment.I appreciate and what a joy for you as well.Think he is also leaving Carnegie Hall in a few years. Happy I too, was able to experience.


    The performance brought me to tears….there were no words…….

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