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It “Fakes” A Blizzard

This post was originally posted on URAWarrior.

There are times when lazy is lovely. If able to take a time out, give yourself permission to do so. When you live in a 700 foot square  New York City apartment, and your environment is minimal, there can be no huge pile up of magazines and papers as a forever thing. Everything in its place is key. Physical chaos can cause emotional chaos.   Waking up one morning, and making the decision to hang in…A day at home is sorely needed. Staying in your sleep sweats….finishing chores, tackling the huge pile to read and then, destination garbage is a good plan.     A  day to create a mellow and calm exterior and interior for yourself. Peace of mind without guilt, essential

In reality, it is 75 degrees, no humidity, not a cloud in the lovely blue sky. A perfectly beautiful day. How can you stay in? Well, you produce your own tranquility by creating a make-believe blizzard. Darken the room with shades or curtains down. Cozy in by thinking snow storm,. Listen to the hail and wind beating against your windows, and thank your lucky stars you aren’t going to slip on that horrid ice.

If, at the end of the day, you feel less stressed, more relaxed with a surge of productivity, you can smile, perhaps, with a glass of wine and actually say, “I deserved this day.” and you are guaranteed 100%  a tomorrow with absolutely no ice and snow.




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