Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I remember talking with friends about social networks, and how silly I thought they were. After all, none of my kids were on including two grandchildren. One grandson who just started college is on Twitter, but the rest, including friends, no. Perhaps they are all too old. Started my  blog, and through Twitter, Bershan Shaw found me and wanted me to write for URAWarrior and Bershan Shaw. A twitter friend,  a wonderful poet Sylvester Anderson is  also writing for her. I don’t follow many celebrities and I would never pay for followers. We all find each other. The heart , soul,  and intuition seem to be the compass.  Animal lovers galore and of course creative souls, business and professionals, healers of all types.

The magical quality is  diversity.. Lovely connections are formed, and there is a loyalty that some of us share. We never unfollow unless we are unfollowed.   I once knew a comedian.  He had a few followers, and the next thing I knew he had hundreds of thousands . He told me he paid for them, and sadly I judged him for having a lack of integrity. I mean who is impressed by that? I love the expression quality over quantity. Having 3,000 followers who either found me or I found them, is a lovely feeling because  when someone is inspired by my words,  my sense of purpose is strengthened. The world can be a scary crazy place at times, but so far, the experiences that I have had are life affirming that there are wonderful wonder-filled people out there in the Lovely Land of Twitter.

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  1. Lovely tweet

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  2. Thank you Paulette for this insightful and heartfelt post. I too, have met and befriended some really amazing, talented, and genuine people here at WP and Twitter. Its like you said we found or were led to each other and connected. Thank you for your inspiring friendship and you have a wonderful and wonder filled weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Sly for your kind words. I always appreciate your comments. The hearts and souls of friends that connect whether on Twitter or the world at large are always people meant to be in your path. I also thank you for your inspiring friendship and wish you what you wish for yourself.

      • You’re welcome Paulette. I agree that people are placed in our paths for a reason and hopefully we can all touch each others life in a positive and encouraging way. Blessings to you dear friend ♥

  3. Awesome piece my friend, great job. I personally love Twitter the best out of all the social networking sites, and just like yourself I would never pay for followers, I just don’t see the point.

  4. I appreciate our new Twitter friendship Mike and think you are pretty awesome to take the time to read my blog and leave such wonder-filled words. Heartfelt thanks.

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