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mother nature is a man and other observations..

A little metaphor based on Rainbow Bridge.
You see them all over town. On the ground, in the subway, on the bus, on top of the mailbox, outside a taxi, inside a taxi. A single glove just sitting there all alone. Sometimes covered in dirt, rain, or snow. No match in sight. Sad little glove. Actually they come in all sizes and colors. So this is a story about a lost glove. I am giving this one a personality. The glove felt useless because it was no longer in use. Nobody wanted one glove. The little glove had nowhere to go, but be put in a drawer and not be used again. The little glove wondered how it’s match was lost, it happened so fast. On a lap perhaps and fell off when someone stood up, left on a counter, fell out of a pocket? Oh well, how much time…

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Comments on: "All I Want For Christmas is my Other Glove" (2)

  1. Katherine M said:

    Saw two this week.


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