Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Mistakes???? Now what????

It seems to me, that the New Year triggers many emotions. I quote a Russian Proverb…..”Longing for the past is like chasing after the wind.” Not the best way to live. I work very hard to live in the moment. Takes energy to discipline your mind not to go to places that cause you stress. Over thinking causes more over thinking, and then obsessing takes your energy away, and serves no purpose whatsoever. We should grow beyond our mistakes. Then we take the power from the mistake and empower ourselves… us the power to turn them into our life’s learning  process. Your golden opportunity to create wisdom.

Comments on: "Mistakes???? Now what????" (2)

  1. Paula, What prompted this column? Did you feel you had just made a mistake?

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  2. No not at all. It was about a generalization that we all make mistakes in our lifetime and instead of thinking of them as mistakes, do think of them as life’s lessons. No fortunately, I haven’t made mistakes in a very long time. Thankfully…well maybe one in judging someone a few years ago as having integrity, but wasn’t the case. No big deal though.

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