Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Alone…..Not lonely…………. Day…Went to a film with two good friends. Early  supper and several hours of intelligent conversation about many subjects.  In New York City, social energy is  there and contagious, especially when with women who have something to say. We didn’t solve any of the worlds  problems….not even NYC issues. Night…My son and “daughter” went to Carolines on Broadway, a terrific comedy club for the early show. They asked me to stay over and celebrate with them and a few couples. A lovely invitation even though I had made earlier plans  with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper , watching the show with Lucky, my Havenese love.  I did my thing and wanted them to do theirs with friends. I did manage to come out of the bedroom to share in welcoming the New Year with champagne. I am forever grateful to have family a crosstown bus away. Later That Night…Missing you always. Memories of formal New Years Eve Galas at the club. Another life time ago. Remembering now without the same pain. Remembering now with gratitude that my memories no longer haunt, but comfort me. My thoughts for the New Year?  Keep going forward. And for all who are reading this, may 2015 bring you all that you wish for yourself. Happy New Year!

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  1. BILL LUPO said:


    • Thank you Bill for your kind words. I appreciate you reading my words and your words. I wish you as well, a most wonderful 2015. Paulette

  2. So glad your memories no longer haunt, but comfort, Paula… It was a lovely evening together on New Year’s…thanks for your kind words in the blog…

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    • Thank you Ronnie for your always kind words.It was just, well almost, exactly as we had planned our New Years Eve. Movie could have been better, but company was great.

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  4. Thank you for enriching my 2014, Paulette. May your 2015 be as beautiful as you are ❤

    • The beginning of a New Year seems to trigger a bit of sadness for me, remembering the past. I try very hard not to dwell in the past. Think its a Russian Proverb that “Longing for the past is like chasing after the wind.” I try to live in the moment. Reading your wonderfully kind words gave me such a joy Angie, and I send you heartfelt thanks, and all that you wish for yourself in the New Year. I appreciate our connection and feel we met for a reason beyond the social network. Thank you for being a part of my life.Lovingly, Paulette

      • Likewise, (((Paulette))). I so very much admire your ability to speak truthfully and with great hope. Your past is attractive because it is so rich and wonderful. That is true. How you remember your past, with sadness yet no self-pity, is fitting and remarkable. You *do* live in the presence and your future is bright, because of all the love you have given and continue to give ❤

  5. Once again dear Angie, you have given me such joy in your words. They inspire me and are so heartfelt because to realize that someone I haven’t even met knows me as you do is unbelievable…..yet not so much since I believe we were in the same path to meet. May we always be in touch. I printed your words so I will always have them to give me sunshine when the sun isn’t always out. Lovingly, Paulette

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