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Apple Cider Vinegar Jelly

I have no advertisers on my blog, nor do I just recommend products randomly. I do like to share occasionally food and tips that are healthy, and have worked for me. Not everyone tolerates vinegar so you have to know your body. I was in Vermont last year and came across a wonderful company that makes Vermont Cider Jelly. I always used sugar-free jams and jellies, all natural…..but have never had such a wonderful jelly as this. The ingredients are Fresh Vermont Apple Cider and that is all. Unfortunately I can’t find anyplace that sells in New York because the company keeps their recipe to themselves. Cold Hollow Cider Mill is the company and they are lovely to deal with. They have no clue that I’m even blogging about them. They call it a “magical cider product.”….The health benefits are wonderful if you Google apple cider vinegar. Cheers to Good Health!  I respect companies and products with integrity and this has it all. Delicious too.

Comments on: "Apple Cider Vinegar Jelly" (2)

  1. What a find! I love cider vinegar and purchase Braggs by the bunch!

  2. Just having some with water and organic concord grape juice. The jelly and the company are wonderful. Now it’s my only jam/jelly that I eat. Hope you try and enjoy. Make the winter a bit more cozy. Hope all is good in your world Angie.

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