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A World Opened

Just wondering what we did before Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. Many people I know live very nicely without any social networks at all. I certainly did. I only started in my late, very late, 70’s and as I once wrote, thought it was all just silly. Until I tried it. I wouldn’t use silly in any form to describe how my world and purpose has extended beyond the usual. Unless someone is actually on and enjoying all that it offers, it is difficult to explain. This is actually a shout out thank you to everyone who follows my blog, is on Facebook with me, and last but not least Twitter followers. We have made connections that are life affirming and meaningful. Some fun, some serious, and some friends forever. I am fortunate that I have only had one experience that was not pleasant, but that is behind me. When my words inspire in any way, I feel a completeness……even recommending apple cider vinegar jelly. We sometimes overuse the word love, but I think I use in the most sincere way. When I say thank you with love to all who have read my words and comment, it is with gratitude and appreciation.        Silly? Hardly!!!!!!!

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  1. Sharon Berríos said:

    I think there is a timing and special reason to meet people. Social media open the frontiers to expand our vision way beyond conditioning thoughts. Then, intuition guides the process of self-expression and sharing thoughts through diverse styles (written, visual, artistic, symbols, many others) organically. Nice article, Paulette. It takes courage to share.

    • Thank you Sharon for taking the time to read and comment. Your words ring such a loud bell for me. The bottom line is I truly feel if I were to ever meet another man in my life, he would be in my path. I also believe about timing re meeting. Reasons we intuitively know why. I hope you will be able to read and comment again. I appreciate your kindness. Lovely to meet you. (not happenstance)

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