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Why when you see photographs of men and women over 60, are they mostly old and sickly looking. Why not sensual and sexual? Why not vibrant? Why not Why not Why not???? Jane Fonda at 77 ! I don’t want to go  down the list. You can Google men and women in any field over 65 and see pretty terrific vital people. If you go to the doctor, chances are in his write up, you are considered elderly. I have never liked labels of any kind, and wish age was just a number, not a limitation. Not judging but just read about the owner of the Patriots. Again just observing. His wife died at 68 in 2011 after a long marriage and  four children. His net worth about $4Billion. Also a nice looking man. Educated. Article said he was very depressed after  his wife’s death. People close to him said his actress girlfriend (beautiful) helped pull him out of his sadness. She is around 34 and he is 74. They look perfectly wonderfully happy together, and again not to over state, I am not judging. I would like to know of one story of a grieving widow who has a man 40 years younger to help her with her sadness…..Not a  Harold and Maude joke, just a lovely story.. But, it would be a joke, because the choices women have are far different than the choices men have. That’s just the way it is…..

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  1. So true Paulette. Maybe in time things will change.

    • Thanks Bill . Think realistically it won’t. By the way I thanked you on Facebook and they came back and said I asked status. I didn’t. Not my style, Just said hi and thank you for reading my blog. Wish you well and thanks again for reading and commenting.


    So,what else is new? Reading in the 2/23-3/2/15 New Yorker Emily Nussbaum’s article “How Sexism made Joan Rivers”. She had it right. And if she were here today she might say…$ talks for women and the Patriot’s owner may still have an issue about the
    accusation of deflated balls.

    • Thanks for the great comment. Joan Rivers used to say a 45 year old woman was a drug on the market and a 90 year old man who drives is a catch….or close enough to her actual act. So “what else is new” is so right. Always appreciate your comments.

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