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Modern Day Dear John

When you have a relationship that is no longer working for you. When the best is behind you. When being nourished is a foreign term, it is time to end, even though email is not the best way, it is the quickest. Here is a sample of a modern-day dear John letter.

Dear Whoever,

This is not meant to be mean-spirited. I find that closure is necessary for me. I liked having you in my life. I love not having you in my life.

You never deserved my friendship. You were my worst mistake. I have no regrets. Lesson Learned.

I wish you whatever,

Smarter Now

You’re the one taking charge. Perhaps you were doing unrealistic magical thinking about changing him/her. Freedom is just an email away. Take away the power from the person and empower yourself, not repeating the same mistake again. Needless to say, physical or emotional abuse should never be tolerated. Not one shove or one mean vicious comment. The more you love yourself, the stronger you will become in dealing with negative relationships. A mantra that should stay with you. “Never settle for less than you are.” pm

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    And,never too late to learn………

  2. Always appreciate your wise words…Thank you..

  3. I agree, Paulette. We need to love ourselves enough to be strong enough not to settle to just have “anybody” so we don’t feel alone. You can easily lose yourself.

    • The idea is really not to settle. Always told my sons the mantra, and as you so wisely said Sly, love ourselves enough to be strong enough. I always appreciate when you read my blog and the bonus is when you comment. I am grateful to have you as a dear friend.

      • Thank you Paulette and you’re welcome. Sometimes we forget, it is okay to love ourselves. I’m always happy to read your posts and you are appreciated, my dear friend.

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