Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Going  to dinner and theater with a friend. I arrived twenty-five  minutes early and forgot my phone. Not a good idea. How many times can you read the menu? At wonderful  Orso, the menu is not that large, and takes a full minute or  two to read . You observe everyone walking  by your table, and my table was right in  front. You don’t want to look impatient or grouchy, so you have a smile on your face, and that starts to feel uncomfortable as well…So you adjust your smile a bit. Not wearing a watch,and not having my phone, I have no idea what time it is after 5 and how many times can you ask? What I did notice, was why this restaurant is one of the most popular in the theater district, on Restaurant Row and successful for many years. They run a tight ship along with all the integrity a good restaurant needs. Great consistent food, professional lovely service and a pretty setting….but still I sit by myself, with a faint smile and wait…….grateful I can look forward to a terrific meal as soon as my friend arrives. Fortunately she wasn’t too late. Sometimes waiting with patience with nothing to do becomes a quiet time to just wait.

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    And if nothing to read it makes the wait more uncomfortable….

  2. I hope the evening was lovely and entertaining. Take care 🙂

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