Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I always wanted to try speed dating. I do make snap judgements, and have rarely been wrong. I would know within five seconds if there was chemistry or not. Of course all speed dating is for the young, and it seems over 65 is considered somewhat old. I don’t know anyone including a 90-year-old acquaintance who uses the word old. I once said labels are out, but if I had to have one, vintage works because it’s value increases with age. I wish an article in a major magazine could be the voice for women 65 plus plus. Amy Schumer did a hysterical comedy routine about women over 50 being unf…….! Worth a Google. So back to Speed Dating. Had the opportunity for 65+ and naturally none of my friends wanted to go. My friend since five years old finally said ok, but alas no room. This was a venue for 12 men and 12 women. All  sorts of rules and regulations. Had to be there 5 for meet and greet, and then the five-minute meeting, and then the quick writing about your feelings. At the end, there would be a tally to see who matched. I brought additional pen and paper because I was going mainly to experience and write about. Not being negative, but I know I will never meet anyone that way. A devout romantic, so  for me it has to be eyes meet in the subway sort of moment……bus or street would also work. So far it’s almost 11 years and no magic has happened. I wrote Allegory/Alleglory and Short Sad Story. First one was based on a true story and second was true. Some men have a close intimate relationship with themselves and no room for anyone else. Problem with first.

So I was getting ready for the Speed Dating event, going myself. Waiting for the Crosstown bus, since it was a distance away, I got a text saying they had a cancellation, and if my friend wanted to go she could. My excitement for the day was growing. Serendipity of course, Susan had to go and when I called her, she actually said yes and she would meet me ASAP at the bus stop. We live a building away. I love to be early and it was getting later and later. Mr Wonderful was waiting. Susan arrived and I insisted we cab  down. I rarely take cabs. Too practical, but we had to be there on time. In the taxi, no traffic and we arrived on time. I insisted on paying the fare. That should have been a hint. $26….Susan being the friend she is, treated me to a drink days later. So, we arrive. This is the scene. Four angry-looking women on a bench. One rather sad older man. Me and Susan. I wondered “where was everyone.” …….remembering the money I just wasted. Oh, and almost forget another man who literally ran away. No great loss. That gave the remaining a good laugh. No one cared that he left. By 6 the young gals who were running this “thing” were lovely and so apologetic for the outcome, or non outcome. They had cheese, wine, and crackers and Susan and I sat  with the two young gals and talked about the situation. The angry women left. The one man stayed for a bit.  I gave my spiel about how little women have progressed socially. Yes, you can become a fire or police person, doctor, lawyer and perhaps even an Indian Chief….but bottom line. A man still does the proposal and if you do go out and never hear, are you going to do the calling? Few do. Face it without anger… is and always has been a man’s world.

Just another experience to write about. So off my list is Speed Dating. Next? Tinder…


Comments on: "Speed Dating………………..Not So Fast" (6)

  1. susan schrenzel said:

    And that’s the way it is……

  2. Sounds like a sad experience….. I, like you, am a hopeless romantic. If I ever find myself single again…no matter the reason, I suspect I will be single for a very long time. I have been married for 29 years and he is my best friend (now). I can’ t imagine ever trying to find anyone else who would put up with me! LOL! But sometimes God has different plans. If I am ever to have another “romance” He will have to drop the guy right in my lap! 😀

  3. Dear Courtney, As always I appreciate your words. Being a devout romantic is not easy, but I now agree with you. No more dating sites because most of the men are losers Did research for a chapter in my book ten years ago and just as bad then. I hope you and your husband have many many happy healthy years together. I know the feeling of being in love with someone who loves me back. So many single women in New York have never had that joy so until someone fantastic is in my path…being grateful for what I had is just fine. My husband and I were married almost 50 years and being my best friend etc etc etc about 35. That’s one blog I won’t do.xo

    • Agreed… the first 25 years of my marriage were up and down (mostly down) 😦
      It saddens me that he and I wasted so much time fighting…. I shall never blog about that though! 🙂

      • Saddens me too. We would have never had major problems except for one thing. He went into a family business and that was a most disastrous decision that I was against from day one. Over fifty years ago, women opinions didn’t matter much. Business went under and all was better. Wish we could chat instead of email. We have much in common. xoxo

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