Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I mentioned that my granddaughter put me on Tinder,and eventually going to write about it,  when I can process the experience. Mostly awful, and I had nothing to do with the original thinking of Tinder. I have  said before that the term “hooking up” for me denotes a hospital bed with many tubes. The young version of “hooking up” sounds just as disastrous. The swiping to the left if not interested, and to the right if interested is somewhat of a ritual. It was fun at first doing with friends and the fun quickly turned to  sadness…….Definitely Not for me. Actually any dating site is not for me. My friend Edith who died at 98 told me to never look for a man. “He will find you.” Well Edith we will try your way now. Dating sites for a devout romantic…….Well they don’t go together like a “horse and carriage.” Which by the way should be banned in New York City…..but that’s another story. Until I write the post on Tinder. I went out all of twice. The first one was the funniest……but the second one was a genuinely nice guy. From California. Had lovely conversation and more things to write later. Friendship will reign. I would be so happy for him if he found his wonderful next love………..I am relieved to say, Tinder is no more. I deleted account this morning. Very empowering I must say.

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  1. Went back on for more material and who knows💫

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