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Is Life Really So Simple?

A brilliant Buddhist  I met many years ago at a party told me something  I never forgot. He said “life is really quite simple and we complicate it.” Not talking of course about unforeseen events that can change everything. But, everyday life challenges and how we accept the good , the bad, and the fantastic. It’s quite easy when everything is going your way, but what about when your emotional strength must come to  surface? I  had a most interesting conversation with a bus driver yesterday. A woman who had the attitude of a yogi. Positive sharp, kind, and a joy to talk to. She mentioned  people can be mean-spirited and  she can usually tell immediately by their expression when they board the bus. Unhappiness and fretting over the smallest things can cause harmful  stress . The more I think about it, attitude and your own emotional tools and resources can very often change the outcome of most situations. Many people cause their own problems. Think of the people you really enjoy being with. The family and friends who nourish. The older I become, the more selective I am about who I let in my life. A positive attitude and the ability to feel joy.  Having a therapist 24/7 helps. ME….

Maybe life is simple…… long as we don’t watch the news.

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  1. Linda Fanburg said:

    Right on 😀😀

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  2. Thank you so much what a lovely inspiration you are. I hope to infect people they way you have me on that short ride we shared. Blessed by the best.

    • Thank you for your most kind words, I appreciate you taking the time to read and write such wonderful comments. Hope you follow me, Paulette

    • I just love what you wrote. I appreciate your kindness. My purpose is just that, to inspire. Cathy, you are just a plus in my life, even though we met for such a short time. Soul connected friends are meant to meet and we were. We could have some great conversations I’m sure. The feeling I send back to you is mutual. “Blessed by the best.” Hope you follow me and keep in touch.

  3. Hi,Paulette! A wonderful post and sending you some positive loving energy.

    • Hi Sly,
      Received and always appreciate your positive loving energy. I send right back to you. Getting a new post ready for the new site for October. Always a joy seeing your name and reading your wonderful words.

  4. susan schrenzel said:

    Appreciate your last line…..
    Wish the mindset of Buddhism was the way of the World.

  5. Wonderful words of wisdom Paulette! I have learned in the last few years to avoid toxic people. Even when they are friends I care about or family members *sigh* 😦
    I also try very hard to be true to myself and BE a friend when I feel I am supposed to. I used to be involved in many friendships (using that term loosely here) where I was the one doing all the work and the reciprocity was not there. I no longer do that. I have one or two that I truly love and I don’t mind as much having to be the one to make more effort because I know their heart. But others? If they don’t try to meet me half way at least… I don’t put forth the effort anymore. I feel, if the relationship is not important enough to them, then it isn’t to me either. Doesn’t mean I don’t still care for them or be there if they need me. Life is to short not to put your energy in the most productive parts of life and people.
    I never really understood “Out of sight, out of mind” near as well as I do now that I live 600 miles away….

    • Friendship Garden was written years ago when I not only moved away or ran away from New Jersey, but letting go of the women who were judging my grief and deciding I should stay in New Jersey. I realized I had nothing in common with shallow people. The wonderful friends I am still close too. I never said got rid of, but in essence I did and just used the words letting go. For every toxic person I had and let go of, it seemed a new and nourishing friend arrived. When my sons were single, I always said to never settle for anyone less than you are…They listened and I listen too. The only friend worth having is one that has the capacity to be a friend. It is just that simple. As for family, I did emotional housecleaning a long time ago. The family and friends I surround myself with are those that are loving, caring, and just as important, they “get me.” You should only have people inn your life who deserve you. I have a great few words I say….not with anger, just truth and a smile. “If you don’t care, I care less.” We need to talk more often my friend, Courtney.

      • WOW… love that phrase and I wrote it down! I would have to say the people who are in my my life do “get me” A few years ago I started going to a friend’s house whom I went to high school with. She is a masseuse and I would call her “spiritual” because I am not sure she would label herself as a Christian.
        Anyway… she had a meeting at her house once a month for anyone who wanted to come. She would facilitate a discussion about how to lead a more positive life. I learned a great deal from her about how to clean house and how to let go of people who bring negative energy to my life. I also did a fair amount of work on how to be authentic and true to myself. That work continued after I moved to TX in ’09 with an awesome therapist. I went through a phase where I felt like a fraud. The “story” I told myself was “If people knew the real me, they would not be my friend” He chastised me, as well as the incredible therapist I had in KY, because they both said they could see through my bullshit! LOL! and challenged me. But it was a fear I had for the longest time. Better now…
        I strive to be as true to myself as I can be and I also make a great effort to only have those kind of people in my life. I can see through someone’s facade most days and I will avoid anyone with a mask on for the world because they cannot be trusted!
        I have been burned way too many times in the past….
        I think I am a pretty good judge of people now. And there are days I wish I had more time so I can spend it getting to know all the awesome incredible people God has brought to my sphere! I am so glad you are one of them! 🙂

      • And I feel the same about you. We were of course meant to meet. I have always been able to trust my intuition and funny as it sounds. I like to surround myself with people like me. Being genuine and having integrity is so important to me. Not everyone is terrific and you have to sift. I just wrote that some friendships have an expiration date. People should always know the real you. The more you love yourself and truly feel that emotion, the more selective you are about the people you let in. When someone really gets the creative part of me and I do think differently about so many things, the more comfortable I am. When my husband died, I had people in New Jersey I once was friendly with who judged my grief. They didn’t want me to move. I didn’t move from NJ, I literally ran away and created a new life. The life that I lived was gone, but I wasn’t. Sending you love and appreciation for our friendship. I have a therapist 24/7….ME

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