Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Everyone thinks of  celebrations in their own way. When my sons were little, every holiday was a major celebration and it was sheer joy. At the time I was volunteering in a mental health hospital doing occupational therapy, so every holiday there were things to make with  patients. I remember one Easter actually making cement, searching with the patients for a perfect tree branch, container, and there appeared…the branch for the Easter Egg Tree. Of course the idea was then brought home and we then made the eggs and hung them on the tree. As the boys got older, the celebrations were a bit more private, not having the big birthday parties,  but small intimate family dinners, out. When the boys left and the empty nest arrived, my husband and I enjoyed celebrating with each other.

So in April  I had a milestone birthday and in New York, my son and “daughter” asked if I wanted a luncheon, dinner, cocktail party, whatever. Immediately I said I would love nothing like that. The joy would be my East Coast children and granddaughter, together with my West Coast son,  daughter in law and grandsons. My daughter in law was terrific in welcoming us literally taking over their home and making us feel welcome, not like invaders. Of course she did go away for a few days, and ummmmmmm was that planned? I don’t blame her. We weren’t intrusive but still a change in routine. I feel it was the very best celebration. Everyone got along and love was in the air. My sons enjoyed their time together  as I did and with my grandchildren all being together.  Now a bonus celebration. I am taking my New York daughter in law to Spain for a week , and she is taking me. Easy one to figure out. We will be staying in one room and my son wanted to know if we made  any rules. Not necessary since we both love and respect each other and both know how special this trip is. I am so grateful for my California celebration and now this. My husband’s love and energy are never far away. Always working on myself by myself to be forever grateful for all I have in my life and not just focus on him not being here in the physical sense. Someone once told me “he’s only in the next room.” I said I looked and he wasn’t there. It took me many years to understand he is always with me.  Jane took the photo of the Sunflower and the Butterfly, and tried to tell me the same thing years ago. I now understand. Never too late to embrace the comfort of spirituality.

Next week Hello Spain. Time to once again Celebrate……..

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  1. Oh I am so envious! I loved Spain even though I was so young, I didn’t truly appreciate it like I should have. We are going to Europe next summer to celebrate out 30th anniversary. It should be fun! Happy belated birthday dear Paulette! Keep up the celebrations! 😉

    • So excited to be sharing with my wonderful daughter in law. I was in Southern Spain with my husband years ago, but never Barcelona. Happy early 30th and many more loving healthy years together. I so appreciate our connection. Thank you for your lovely good wishes. Will keep it going.

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