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Super Moon Crazies???

I read that a Super Moon can cause havoc…Well in the last week, a Verizon service guy going to the apartment near me, by mistake shut off my phones. Fortunately I was going away for the weekend, but without my phone Mon. and Tues. My phone service is IDT and they said they work with Verizon. So another service guy came out and fixed the problem with my wires four days later. My computer has also been behaving in a bad way, not being able to connect to the internet. I was really wiped and went to sleep at 1 and in a sound sleep was awakened at 2:30 by a friend who seems to call very late or very early. We don’t connect that often, so whenever he calls, we chat a bit.  A bit longer than we  thought  since it was 4am when I went to sleep. Now for the best part, I think. My  generous  son gave me a new IPhone…Just when I became so attached to 4, along comes a stranger 6…. Only one problem, no one could hear me in most of my rooms. No way was I going to go to Apple and wait for hours since you need an appointment. Hundreds of people are there at one time, and all with appointments. Called Apple Phone Service,  and I am not exaggerating. On the phone for 5 hours and most of the time, I had no idea what she was talking about….All I heard was erase all data and I was using my computer. Frightened and really numb after 5 hours with  nothing  resolved. I try to never say should have, or could have, because waste of time and energy but, I should have never gotten this strange phone until I came back. Did I mention I’m  going away with my “daughter’ to Spain on Friday. A still celebrating my special birthday holiday. The woman I was on with turned me over to a supervisor…  So James came to the rescue and said “I am so sorry what you have been through, I am here to help.”  He tried to undo all the stuff she did, but I knew ultimately I was going to venture to the dreaded Apple store. All because people were having difficulty hearing me. My friend who called in the middle of the night, I think  heard me loud and clear, certain rooms in my huge 700 square apartment were off-limits with this new thing ….and for all I know he may not have heard me. He doesn’t like most of my conversations re nutrition…he works late hours and in my opinion which I should keep to myself, he eats terribly. Another subject not exactly his favorite  is “what women really like and don’t like.”….So who knows if he was able to hear me for almost 2 hours. I’ll never know.

The saga continues. Phones still off and no internet …and everyone saying to me, “I can’t hear you.”

Very practical and rarely take taxis. Took two buses to Broadway to Apple store. Told my story to many and all said how very much they wanted to help me and how awful to be on the phone for 5 hours. Bottom line….go to Fifth and 59th to the all night Apple store. “You may have to wait a few hours, but at least your problem will be taken care of.” OMG….Out I went and took taxi to Fifth Avenue. Did I mention Obama is at the UN…$20 later I was in yet another Apple store. This one is opened 24/7…sort of a LL Bean  NYC style…I am exaggerating a bit, seemed like thousands of people were in the store. I told my sad saga to the right guy. I didn’t have to wait very long and my savior Ken appeared. Enough of this story except to say he made all better. Verizon came and my phone service was back on. A very nice guy who works in my building helped me out in the evening and found the missing wire to the modem and internet service was back on.  Practicing Yoga, Buddhist Philosophy, and Meditation really helps. I was crazed and thought of jumping in the East River after throwing the new phone first. ……and then I thought…”It could be so much worse….and smiled when I thought of the words grin and bear it. Not such a big deal after all.  Also have the opportunity to vent to all of you. Thank you for reading.

So  anybody have experiences sent by the Super Moon?…….If errors, please forgive. For some reason, I am exhausted.

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  1. I can relate to the crazy Super Moons! They’ve made me break up with best friends and regret what I did.

    Thanks for the update on how horrid the Iphone situation is! I’m still on my Iphone4 and am not regretting staying put in upgrading!

  2. It would have been better if you had flown to San Diego. The Apple store here in the nearby shopping mall is often crowded but you get taken care of without long waits. They also honor appointments within a reasonable time.


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