Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Well, I broke up with Tinder, and I can say with all truth, I will never go on again. They did get some good press recently, and I do know people have actually met on the site. There was just no reason to stay on, since I wrote all there was to write about catfish. Tinder is loaded with them and they became boring and annoying, rather than someone to catch and write about. I feel safe on More a community than a dating site.
I have no proof, but I feel very strongly that I was the oldest person on the site. I wrote them asking, but never received an answer. I do have enough sense of self, to know I am not interested in men ten years younger than my sons. No matter how much they tell me age doesn’t matter. It does. On the other hand, ten or fifteen years younger sounds pretty good to me. Very good!!!
I did meet one man and the story could be not only funny, but happy. I can’t say anything because he lives far away. Age appropriate. He wanted to meet immediately for a drink which I liked. I was on the bus coming home after a lovely evening with my friend at Lincoln Center. I’m somewhat spontaneous….it sounded great, but I had to do some rewriting, and it was late. Lesson one, I should have gone. We started to text, and I have a feeling we would have TALKED for hours. I didn’t and since I stop myself from ever saying I should have, could have, or would have…..such a waste of time and energy….but…..I should have.
Hopefully he will visit NYC again, and we’ll meet. My belief in serendipity sustains me. If it’s meant to be, it will be…..and so it is and so it shall be. He was so far and above the rest. We found it humorous that we met on Tinder.
So, all the rest were too young, too tattooed, too anxious to “Kuddle”, too needy, way too weird, too enamored with a dead fish, too anxious, too married, too unappealing, too far away, and not even Mr. Maybe Wonderful….What I’m trying to say in a very simple way.
I will not only not pay to go on a dating site, I will never go on Tinder even though its free. If Mr. Could be Wonderful visits and wants to meet for a drink, perhaps another story. I believe I still have many untold stories to be told. Stay tuned……….

Comments on: "Never Again….I Mean It!!!!!" (1)

  1. Can’t wait to hear… I know you are regretting not meeting Mr Could be Wonderful, but if it is meant to be, it will be. I believe that!
    I shall stay tuned in! 😉

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