Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A Great Feeling

When my grandchildren called me cool, I thought it was fun, because I have never done or said anything to be “cool.” I think that would be uncool.
What is sheer joy is having several of their friends wanting to be Facebook Friends. That to me is very cool. That is truly flattering and gives me yet more purpose to inspire.
I wanted to do a YouTube with my granddaughter called 80/18…A Conversation. Talking about everything two single women would find sad and also amusing, and interesting. A line of communication stretching across generations. When I asked her if she would like to do this with me….her answer, was “I’m good GaMa.”
Translation: No Way!
I will be doing another interview soon about Community, and also being single at this age and stage in my life.
Hoping to get the link from Global News Brazil. That was a fun interview with two fantastic evolved women from Stitch.
The single world at any age can be daunting and also exciting because you just have to have the attitude of “you never know.”
I find something every day to reinforce my gratitude. A necessary energy to always remember.
Hope you all keep posted and perhaps to share some happy news. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!

Comments on: "A Great Feeling" (7)

  1. I hope good energy finds you everyday, dear friend..

  2. Nope… you never do know!! I can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Linda Fiorenza said:

    Hi Paula,
    Your grandchildren are right. I know cool…I Was a teenager in the ’60’s ….You are the “epitome of cool” to me.

    • Thank you dear Linda for your comment. The epitome of kindness.
      So happy we met and I appreciate your words. Heartfelt.
      Cheers and Joys,

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