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My New BFF/Via Etiquette

What a wonderful new BFF I have. Not even human, but never the less, a most important addition to my life. Well, there is a human in the equation. The Via driver, almost always, there to please.
I used to go from East Side to West Side to my kids apartment. It was always under $10 one way depending on the traffic. Usually less, even with a tip. But that was, and now it’s anywhere from $12 to $20, Anyone that has taken a taxi, knows the helpless feeling when caught in traffic and the meter keeps going up and up and up.
So now enters Via. A car service that cost $5.00 anywhere in the city. Now they have expanded into Brooklyn. You have to share the ride, almost always a new van. Very clean. You’re picked up and dropped off within a block or two, and mostly even closer. There can be,in commuter hours as many as four others in the car. I have been in a Via by myself most of the time.
I have noticed there is a certain Via Etiquette that is observed by almost all of the passengers. NO cell phones re talking. Cell phones used but no sounds. Occasionally the text is heard. The passengers don’t talk to one another either. Picture the noise and sometime insanity of the city and knowing for the duration of your ride, peace and quiet. No news, thank the universe……Sometimes the driver has new age or classical music playing….very softly.
If you take a friend with you, it’s an additional $3.00. I rarely take the subway or taxi. I like the bus or walk. Now I have my own driver creating a safe and quiet environment.
If there is any problem, and I have had some re destination, the company has integrity to rectify the situation.
What’s going on in the world is not exactly calming, so getting from one place to another has now become my peace of mind.
One problem…some of the drivers have that thing hanging from the rear view mirror and the smell is horrible.
Worse than horrible, it gives me a headache.
Fortunately not all have it and if they did, I might have to check to see if that could be included in the rules of etiquette. No hanging green things.
I do look forward to my next Via trip because I know I will get to my destination in a new, scent free, quiet, car driven by a kind person, and no meter ticking away at my wallet.
Welcome Via to NYC

Comments on: "My New BFF/Via Etiquette" (4)

  1. Paulette–
    Via: Interesting. How dies this service handle client packages, shopping, groceries?

    • Hi Paul,
      Via is a car service taking passengers to their destination. That’s the only service they provide. It’s an app,
      Thank you kindly for reading my blog.
      I do appreciate.

  2. I love Via too

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