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Kindness Works

I have always believed that kindness is contagious. Certain acts of kindness are so easy to do. A smile to a stranger who looks sad can sometimes bring great results.
Something that takes no time is praise. People always seem eager to complain, but when service is excellent, there is more you can do than just say thank you. Even in my twenties I remember shopping in the local department store and when a salesperson went out of their way, I would always ask who their manager was so I could give a compliment. I have continued to do this whether in a store, restaurant, phone help or any service given to me. Why not? It’s just a step further than thank you. I usually say the same thing…the person is a great asset and made my experience lovely.
So last year, after shopping many times in a neighborhood store called Rainbow Shop, Vicki seemed to be there all the times that I was there….. going out of her way to show me where things were, handing me coupons when they were offered and her personality lite up the store. This is a large shop with items of every conceivable need. Household items, hardware, keys made, nutrition bars, candy, gum, and stationery and greeting cards. There is very little that they don’t have available. Everyone in the store is eager to please. It seemed though that when I was there, so was Vicky. So one day I had to ask her who her manager was so I could tell them what an asset she was to the store.
Vicky smiled and said she was the owner. I was not surprised.
I smiled back and we hugged and I told her to give herself a raise.

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  1. I try, but I am not always as consistent as I should be in giving praise. But it something that can change someone’s entire day or their outlook on mankind as a whole. Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and our own problems and forget the feelings of others. There was a post on Facebook yesterday by a young lady I have to privilege to know. She is only 20 but she was at McDonald’s doing her homework when she overheard someone putting down and judging one of the counter ladies. My young friend happened to know the story of this worker and was heartbroken and angry that someone would make such remarks when they had no idea what they were saying. I praised her sensitivity and empathy and told her to always listen to it. One thing I always do is call someone by their name….. I ask what it is and I make sure THEY know I heard them and that I see them. Sometimes that is enough, but I try to say thank you and make someone laugh. We all have bad days. Let’s not add to someone else’s… šŸ™‚ ā¤

  2. Kindness doesn’t hurt to give away and it brightens the day of the receiver and the giver. Thank you for sharing an uplifting story, certainly made my day. Take care, dear friend!

  3. Michelle Bonfils said:

    Thank you Paula. Always an inspiration to read you. xoxo

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