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The March January 21 2017

I’m very vocal about politics with close friends and on Facebook…..Not so much on my blog although I am reflective and emotional and always from my truth. I just don’t want to be political, because I would get all tangled up in my emotions, especially at this time in this country.
But wanted to do a post about a time in history that I felt a part of. The Women’s March in NYC. I marched or walked rather slowly for over 5 hours with close friends, women, men, children. Solidarity, Unity, Love, Peace, and Action Oriented people. All feeling the same emotions. Not “alternative facts” but the truth. There were over 300,000 in NYC and I felt proud and empowered to be a part of history.
This is just the beginning of The Resistance Movement.

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  1. Sharon Weil said:

    Love the last sentence!! Let us go forward, united in our resolve.

    • Thanks so much Sharon for reading my blog and enjoy your comments. We have to be united because we are up against such opposition to all our beliefs

  2. Great column.

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