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Tinder EtcEtc

I know I said I would never go back on, and of course that’s why there is the expression “never say never.” I did meet a selfless humanitarian last year who is totally unavailable emotionally and physically. Met him twice and and thrice won’t happen.
This post will be all over the place because I would like to bring up the two interviews I had. Global News Brazil and New York Post. Both videos that took hours and hours to shoot for a two minute segment. Fun and hopefully some women somewhere will be inspired.
Back to Tinder. Chelsea Handler talks of her experiences with Tinder on her show and I couldn’t imagine her being on this site with so many catfish swimming around. I recently found out that there is something called Tinder Select. You have to be a celebrity or chosen to be part of this inner sanctum. Obviously, I haven’t been asked, and see the usual types on this site. I’m not saying that some miracle might happen, and you meet someone nice. That is very rare and would love to hear some great experiences. You might say why go on again. Well, its not a vodka or wine decision since I don’t drink at home, lonely or sad decision? Not really, I don’t allow those. I have practiced and live a mindfulness life….Too busy being grateful, and have no room for the negative thoughts. I seriously even practice yoga laughter. Perhaps curiosity or false hopes push me to the app.
Going back, there are some of the same men who seem to be regulars. God, I hope I’m never going to be a regular and show up all the time. Same half-naked guys who are holding dead fish, next to their trucks of choice, tattooed all over, and something new…..holding guns and some wearing “make America great again” red hats. Some liberal guys actually put on their profile– ‘if you voted for trump swipe left”. The usual cuddly ones who want to cuddle and walk on the beach at night…. I swipe left more times than ever taking a chance, because if they sound and look great, they are usually catfish. The dishonest profiles have red flags waving as I said in a past post. I have new blog followers and Twitter followers and repeat my warning. The men are always terrific looking, all American types, they are widowers, generally raising a child, jobs take them all over the world, and their texts are filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. I have spotted over a dozen in two weeks. They are only dangerous to men and women who are vulnerable and lonely and fall for the garbage they write. Immediately they are in love with you and want your contact information and give you theirs. Unmatch immediately if you see the danger signs. Eventually they will probably ask for money. Rarely do they ever want to meet. Most are from other countries and have stolen photos and fake identities from profiles. Haven’t met one guy on recently that I actually want to meet, and have a strong suspicion I will go off very soon. I don’t know for sure, but almost positive that I’m the oldest person on Tinder. I have a new “golden rule.” They must be older than my sons and that is non negotiable. Harold and Maude is not my style.
I hope to have the link to the Granny Production video that will be out soon. The Global News Brazil was wonderful for Stitch. Michelle and Ni were fantastic and hundreds of new followers joined I was ok, but my living room looked pretty.
I just read Grace and Frankie will be back on March 24th. They both are in the sex toy business. Vibrators for the older women, and it’s looks hysterical. The video I am on with my free spirit friend Ronni addresses solo sex and the older woman. I’m not interested in becoming the spokeswoman for solo sex, but it certainly beats the alternative of no sex. My purpose always has been to inspire and hopefully after watching the video, women of a certain age, might have a smile going on, and the feeling, “Well that felt good!!!!!”
Stay tuned……

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  1. Reblogged this on mother nature is a man and other observations.. and commented:

    Sorry its no sex not now

  2. Awesome! The ever present romantic at work giving us advice on matters of the heart. I am glad you are diligent. It would break my heart if some jerk were actually able to take advantage of such a sweet spirit. I can’t imagine having to wade through the pools of catfish, hence my standing of probably staying single for the rest of my life if I ever found myself alone again. I cannot imagine my life without my husband but I am sure I would never want to train another man!! LOL! šŸ˜‰

  3. A great read, bouncy.

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