Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Leaving 2017

Another year, and certainly grateful for more than I’m sad about. Your emotional plus lists can come in handy when necessary. Just think of all that you have and the voids seem a little less painful. We start a new year with many hopes, dreams and those resolutions that are usually kept for about ten days, if that. As you all know, I always recommend eating healthy, and keeping in mind that living in the moment works when your moments are in good health. The dreams and hopes seem to go from one year to the other. The control you have over your thoughts and what you eat can be controlled by you. Christmas Eve I was at a warm and wonderful party. All ages and all just wanting to have fun. I met a young woman in her 20’s and very fulfilling to have her write down some of my suggestions. One was to practice breathing exercises, a most important exercise for health. Hatha Yoga, a gentle form of yoga focusing on stretching and breathing. Yoga laughter sounds weird, but your body and mind are not aware that yoga laughter is a bit forced, but a laugh is a laugh. What you do when you’re young can affect the quality of your life as you age. Balance is so important and flexibility. Running and Ashtanga Yoga may work for some, but the gentle form of Hatha Yoga and walking at a fast pace 20 minutes a day may work as well. Many of my friends who used to run have had knee and hip replacements. My grandmother lived to be 99 and walked from her kitchen to the bedroom. I once read that lifestyle has more to do with your quality of life than your genes. Stress is something we all have, and I’m not talking about the extremes or tragedy. the usual normal day stress we all deal with. It is how we deal with disappointments, heartbreak,and of course realism that defines us. Fantasy and dreams should always be a part of our lives. Realistically I know I will probably never meet another great romantic love, and it’s ok. I was one of the lucky ones having had a man who loved and adored me. I don’t take that lightly ,and I know his energy is with me everyday. I’m not about to be committed to a “happy place,” but I talk to Barry everyday. Part of my Buddhist practice is a prayer to someone who has died that you loved. I feel his energy and know he “knows”, because I’m Awake.
2018…….the book my co-author and I finally finished and publishing, will actually happen in February. It’s genre is Women’s Humor Fiction, not literary, but edited, and we think a good read. because the characters are likeable and relatable. Hope some of you read and enjoy.
I find the older I become and certainly grateful for the years, the less I put up with people I don’t get and they don’t get me. It just fine because I have enough of the “wonderful others.” I love nourishing people from the same planet I’m from……and my emotional tools that really work. “If you don’t care, I care less.” It sounds harsh, but if said with a smile and not in anger, it works. No room for negative thoughts or people. Selective memory and denial are my favorites……and my role models, in their 90’s… I wish all reading this the most wonderful New Year ahead. A healthy one with laughter and joys galore…..and of course an abundance of love, and some dark chocolate everyday.

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  1. Meaningful words on which to reflect, including dark chocolate. Mine has peppermint chips set within. May peace be yours in 2018.

  2. Hey my sweet friend! I am so sorry it has taken me all this time to respond to your post. I was traveling during the holidays to KY and TN to visit daughter and family. It was a good trip overall but stressful. It felt good to come home.
    I always leave your posts in my Inbox until I can get to them to read and respond appropriately. I love your advice and I would give anything if you and I could sit and talk and have a cup of coffee on a regular basis. But alas, our emails will have to do.
    I started back to school last week and my routine is evolving. I have online classes this semester which changes the way I have to approach study time. I am not a good time manager…better than I used to be… but not great. But when it comes to school, I make it a priority and always get my work done in time or early. A’s are extremely important to me and I will have to work hard this year because one of my classes is Business Law. I am looking forward to it though.
    I pray you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year and keep up with all of the healthy things you do that adds quality to your awesome lifestyle!
    Love, Kim~

    • Hi Kim,
      Always so good to hear from you. Sounds like a good family holiday time. I would love to sit and chat with you too. I know we would be friends. We are. Sounds like you have a busy school schedule. I admire you going back. My concentration skills when my husband died went out the door. I used to read book, Russian novels occasionally, and now just the NY Times will do it. No books. Waiting for our cover and Circle should be on Amazon in Feb. Will of course let you know. Would love to hear your opinion.
      Thank you for good New Year wishes and I send you the same with love and positive energy always. I think I have always eaten for nourishment and was raised that way. In order for me not to wallow about my husbands sudden death, I exalt in what we had and so grateful. It takes work to lead a mindfulness life and keep my thoughts organized and positive. Yoga and meditation help. I do believe we can control our thoughts. Thank so much for your friendship and words, Love, me

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