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I am not a therapist, doctor, nutritionist, or trained to speak on many of the subjects I speak on. To say it all works for me, might be pretentious, and I don’t mean to be……but, it all works for me, and just passing on some common sense and natural remedy’s. I do have some validation, because I have several friends who have therapists and tell me after I give a bit of common sense, that therapists told them the same words. I love when they call me their guru. I’m certainly old enough to be one and wisdom should arrive at the same time older age arrives. I do have a 24/7 therapist, and that’s me. I would never put down therapy for those who benefit by its teachings. It just would never work for me, because I know myself better than anyone and not interested in paying someone to get to know me. I realized so many years ago that I must solve my own problems and control my overly sensitive emotions. A devout romantic, animal lover, and idealist. Realism creeps in, but I do prefer denial in a positive way,and magical thinking. Especially in this political atmosphere we’re all living with. Everything I believe in is in question and I can only deal with these issues by compartmentalized thoughts. It works for me along with very little concentrated sugar and over eating carbs. I realized I do eat for pleasure, but mostly to nourish. We must nourish ourselves…emotionally, physically, and every possible way you can. No matter how many loves surround us, we are alone mostly in our thoughts and our caring for ourselves. The point of this post is to suggest to all reading it that you consider correct breathing one of your most important exercises. Not my opinion, but Dr. Andrew Weil. You can google him for his exercise. It’s so easy to master and should be done several times a day along with Yoga abdominal breathing. Proof of the importance? I knew someone who had serious high blood pressure, She would go to the hospital often because it would peak and cause her problems. I taught her the Weil method and she told me her doctor said it was a miracle. She lowered her pressure by doing the correct breathing a few times a day.
All I’m suggesting is to google the importance of correct breathing, and how it helps all parts of your body.
Ahhhhhhhhhh that’s it. Take a deep breath. Good health to all and Happy Breathing!!!!! Another post, Yoga Laughter is next and that too, works.

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  1. For me therapy worked twice when I needed help finding a different lens in how to see each predicament; I was just too close both times. Another time it worked was parents’ therapy; finding a way to parent a child with behavioral and learning disabilities and keeping family together while parenting other children.

    • Think cognitive therapy, because it’s not forever can be a very useful tool. Hope it helped you to see clearer. Have a lovely weekend and thank you always for your comments.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Paulette. In these current times we need all the positive and good health maintaining suggestions we can get. Will google Dr. Weil!

  3. I always feel like I have had a massage from the inside out when I have done Yoga! It has so many good healing affects! ❤

  4. I was taught a routine over 40 years ago by a woman Yogi, I do everyday and agree so many healing affects. Stretching and breathing so beneficial..

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