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105 Years Young

What a wonderful story to start my morning . On Facebook . Eileen living in the UK is 105. Looks great, speaks beautifully and in great shape. She started doing yoga in her 90’s. She’s one of the oldest drivers in her country. Her attitude is positive and she talks about the future.

I’ve been doing Hatha Yoga for over 40 years. Basically stretching and breathing exercises. The easiest and one of the most important exercises is breathing correctly.

Haven’t been posting as much lately. Finally finished and published Circle. Available on Amazon…Lovely reading 15 good reviews. I’m in Virginia for the summer. Family Fun time and enjoying suburbia.

Please check out Dr. Andrew Weil for importance of deep breathing . He touts as one of the most important exercises.

Wishing all a healthy fun filled summer🤸‍♂️🌞🧘‍♂️

Standing on your head is terrific. Going up against a wall makes it easier and safer.


Comments on: "105 Years Young" (11)

  1. Have a wonderful summer, Paulette 🌞😊

  2. Katherine M said:

    I don’t think I will ever stand on my head.  Stretching and breading is about m speed.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how many people are living long lives? I am glad you are having a great summer with family. Mine has been spent recovering but I did go to KY last week to visit family before school starts on Monday! ❤

    • Hope you are all recovered and congrats on all your accomplishments in school. So many more ahead, I wish you luck and love. Happy Fall dear Courtney….

      • Happy Fall to you too Paulette! I’m still in recovery but doing better. First week of school has been rocky… they changed our program to 7 week courses which I despise but have no choice. So we will see what happens there. Take care! 😘

      • Hope rocky doesn’t last and all smoother for you. Wishing you a complete recovery❤️💐

      • Thanks.. I am talking with adviser in the morning. Something has to give with one of my classes. I’m not going to let one professor screw up my 4.0 😒 I will keep ya posted!

  4. No way, not when you worked so hard to maintain that great average. Hope all fixed and classes are how you want them. Great Gook luck for the new school year. Sending love. Please keep me posted.

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