Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Difficult to get an appointment with a specialist… especially an ENT in allergy ridden Virgwinia. Lush  greens and trees everywhere. I’m living in a forest, or so it seems.My allergies in full bloom. I ended up with an ear infection. Earliest appointment was waiting a week.Seen immediately at Urgent Care.

$50 later I left RiteAid with ear drops .

My sister in law met an acquaintance that evening whose husband had recently retired. Magically he was an ENT. His wife cheerfully offered his services saying it would give him something to do.

A few texts and he was on his way. A neighbor. Making a bonafide house call.Physicians bag and very professional. Washing up and then taking notes. Out came a thing, ( my medical terms not accurate), to flush out wax from my infected ear, that caused temporary deafness. Infection was gone.

I can hear again.


At the end of the visit, I said how much I appreciated his care, and rather than some useless gift, what’s his drink of choice? It was a ale made in Richmond. My pleasure  to drop off a six pack, as he asked .

In this crazy world, it’s comforting to know kindness exists. That never goes out of date, like housecalls.

Hope everyone is enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer. Allergy free…


Comments on: "House Call: 1963 Last Time A Pediatrician For My Infant Son: 2018 ENT For Me" (4)

  1. Great story. Important to hear stories of kindness.

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  2. Reminds me of Marcus Welby M.D. kindness is still relevant. Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

  3. Bless your heart.. allergies can be awful. We have nasty things that grow in TX. I never had issues until I moved here. Hubby is worse than me and takes daily antihistamine. I hope your trip is going well otherwise! I am still recovering from surgery…have Dr appt today. Still in some pain which is getting tiresome. 2 to 4 more weeks…ugh! Take care and stay well my friend! 💜

    • They can start anytime. Leaving after three wonderful months. Soon back to NYC. Love even with polluted air. XOXO Hope all recovered

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