Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I haven’t had a garden in almost 14 years. The land baren and arid.

Someone “promised me a rose garden.” Over and over again he wrote me  how he would love and nourish the soil. He was also without a garden. He seemed to know what was necessary to go from gloom to bloom.

Patrick, the potential gardner, was from a far away land. Australia, and knew nothing about soil conditions in NYC.

It seems he was tending gardens in Melbourne where he was obviously more comfortable.

It’s never my style to be demanding, but it was my first real garden and I wanted it to be lovely. Bright colors and the right ratio of plants and flowers. Integrity, good work ethics, and of course honesty. I appreciated his daily assurances.

i never asked for references. I have a keen sense of intuition. It was that ability that prompted me to write a goodbye message. Too much distance. His many health issues.

Over 500 emails from May-August. Seems excessive. I guess my judgement impaired with the vision of a magnificent garden.

I was going to send my last message. I didn’t have to. I received his. Expected because he was never specific in his plans to visit. He had more health issues.

I believed he was the man for the job. He wasn’t. It was what it was and it was what it wasn’t. Simple.

He decided to stay in his own backyard. I felt free and empowered.

I wanted a garden, not a yard🦋🌻🌺🌷🌼🌲🌹🌸🌾







Comments on: "Fantasy Love: Ridiculous or Fun?? Depends on the time and day you ask me!!" (10)

  1. Powerful imagery. You feel better when you get to mow rather than have to mow.

  2. Lovely.

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  3. Wow.. had not idea you were communicating with someone. I can’t imagine a long distance relationship inside the US, let alone the other side of the world. But I am sure it was a nice respite to talk with someone again and dream a little. I am glad you figured out you wanted a garden and not a yard. ❤

    • OMG. Need to meet and talk over a glass of wine. He was professing love, moving here etc etc. he was 70, retired, rather needy and had health issues. He thrived on fantasy and was nice, but I never really took it all that seriously . Too far and too many issues. He found the widow of a friend and can’t blame him for wanting less distance. Too much time and energy re messages and learned great lesson. First, been off all sites except Stitch. Only from NYC. No pen pals.🤗

  4. He really did. Kim, I look forward to our meeting in NYC

  5. Hope all your classes are straightened out and you do absolutely great….

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