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I’m Really OK

I know what its like to be loved, I know what its like to be desired, I know what its like to be without romantic love, I know what its like to still desire. I have zero complaints. Having a soul connected love for almost fifty years, not without its problems, is a wish I wish for all the single women who have never known such love. The void is covered gently, but with a strong steel grateful protector. The internet is not a place I will meet another love. I may never meet another and that’s perfectly ok. I’m forever grateful for the loves, not romantic, that I have in my life. Family and friends as I have always said, “my emotional transfusions.” Not sad today even thought it’s gloomy outside.  Having a lovely cup of Lemon Verbena Tea, with honey, cinnamon, turmeric, and at the bottom of the cup, a surprise, a piece of un- crystalized ginger, productive in my apartment, and writing a little post just to say to anyone who reads this, that being ok is a lot better than not being ok,. Now, am I happy? That’s another subject altogether. With news as it is, difficult to have the innocent happiness I once had.  Am I able to feel joy? Of course.  So as I said, I’m really ok. Hope you are too……Just realized the clocks change this weekend. Dark at 4ish, and it takes me days to adjust.  It just means my hibernation will start soon and that brings me great contentment………..Time to cozy in…….

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  2. I dislike the winter months.. I don’t like colder, shorter days and I certainly do not like snow. In TX we see little but it’s not a welcome sight for me. Living in MI for 4 years broke me of all care for the white stuff.
    I’m ok these days. Or as an Albanian guy (from NY) says I’m “almost ok” with a Brooklyn accent lol! He’s special. 😉
    I’m more melancholy and I haven’t been writing. I feel I have made a mistake by allowing people I know to read my blog. I don’t like letting them in because I have a fear of being judged. It’s not the same anymore. I thought about starting a new blog under my “real” name. Then I can send emails to those people (like you) who I know will not judge me and they can follow my new one. What do you think..?

    • Hi, Sorry you are feeling melancholy. I know the feeling and think it has to do with change of seasons and our sensitivity. No one should judge you or your writing and you have to empower yourself and take away the power they have over you. Its very freeing to not GAF!!! Will write more on our private emails. Sending you love….If you feel more comfortable starting a more private blog, then do what you feel will make you feel better. A writing professor once told me when you write, you let it all hang out and not worry about opinions of others. We never deliberately hurt anyone, but you also can’t get into the heads of all who reads your words. Let’s email.

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