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Dear Lucky,

You became an integral part of my life when I needed you the most.

I became a widow. Grief followed me. Constant shadow .

….and then you arrived. Lucky Buster. My canine grandson. You gave love and kisses from day one.

A few more weeks and you would have lived to be 14. A warrior fighter cancer twice.

You died when I was at the beach in North Carolina with 15 Virginia family and friends. You were in the hospital with Mommy and Danielle . They saw you lift your head up, as if to say goodbye as you left for The Rainbow Bridge🌈. They kissed you.

You gave unconditional love. Unlimited kisses whenever I asked .

It was my good fortune to take care of you whenever your family went away.I loved our times together. Walking in Central Park and chatting on a bench. Always time for kissing and snuggling.

The last time I stayed with you was our last time together. 10 wonderful days, even though you were on 9 medications. You weren’t in pain. Just fighting, and you were frisky too.

But, you knew it was our last time.

There was never a time you didn’t kiss me. I held you and said to kiss me if you would be there in August.

You wouldn’t kiss me.

Lucky forever missed , forever loved. Gama

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened .” Anatole French

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  1. Stacey Lippman said:

    You made me cry thanks for sharing your beautiful relationship with our wonderful loving lucky XOXO 💋

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  2. Unconditional love to the fullest ❤️

  3. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened .” Such a beautiful and true sentiment. I am so very sorry you lost Lucky but I am glad he was there for you during the hard times. Loving an animal really is a special part of life. *Many hugs* ❤

    • Thank you dear Kim for your beautiful words. His energy is always there. We were so Lucky to have Lucky in our lives. Hugs received and sent back.. xo

  4. Katherine M said:

    A lovely tribute to Lucky.  Such a lovely friend.

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