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Social Noise

I was invited to a lovely event. Swan Lake Ballet. Then a cocktail party for 250 people after the ballet. I knew two people. The two I was with. I felt that I needed to announce that I don’t do very well making conversation with so many I don’t know. What I know is myself. I’m friendly and quite secure with one on one. If I needed to be outgoing for business I would be able to easily. Fortunate the two women I was with respected my wish to quickly find a table and people watch alone. I was with a very close relative and a close friend. They didn’t question or judge my need not to mingle.

We walked into a huge room and all the tables were taken. Small cocktail tables. Karma was on my side. I spotted one lone table in the back and made a fast beeline securing the table.

The three of us had a fun conversation and not one word of just social noise.

A lovely evening. Without!!!

Comments on: "Social Noise" (2)

  1. Katherine M said:

    I understand.  I am of the same persuasion.

  2. Thank you for relating

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