Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I remember very clearly. I was a child. Probably under 10. I was visiting in Florida with my Papa. Over 70 years ago. We were boarding a bus. We were treated with harsh words by the bus driver . He told my grandfather to sit in the back. I was going with him, and the driver said “no” you sit in the front. I did what he said. My Papa was born in Palestine, now Jerusalem. He looked like Anwar Sadat’s twin. His skin was dark. His sense of humor intact. He wasn’t upset. I remember the experience with sadness . Although segregation no longer exists, hatred is flourishing.



Comments on: "My Experience With Racism As A White Child With A Dark Skin White Grandfather" (5)

  1. Great you published this one!

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    • Thank you Ronnie. Finally felt creative again. Watching the peaceful protest in front of my building brought back the vivid memory

  2. susan schrenzel said:

    You couldn’t have known what was going on….sad that so many have to “be one up, so they can put another down.”

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