Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to write about isolating and quarantine experience. Perhaps some can relate to the malaise feeling that is now part of my life.Motivation? Not so much… I’m not someone baking sourdough bread, learning a new language, or starting a big puzzle , not even a small one. No new recipes on the horizon . I hope this doesn’t turn into a rambling post. I know all about being grateful for family and friends. I Zoom, FaceTime, and just talking on the phone and communicating is essential. I know I have running water and air conditioning. I wasn’t fired as so many Americans live with. Financial ruin and living with fear. I’m sad for all the wrongs in this world. I’m hoping and believing the numbers for this virus will go down and healing in this broken country begins in November . I wear a mask and social distance . I don’t understand why you wouldn’t . It’s not political, it’s scientific evidence.
I know practicing Buddhist philosophy, doing nothing is something. Batteries are recharging.
Not doing anything negative. Not drinking Vodka with a straw or putting on 20lbs going to the refrigerator every 10 minutes.
Continue to do my exercise routine every day. Not emotionally healthy to obsess when???? No plans for Virginia. No plans for anything…. at this time .
Daisaku Ikeda said “Winter Always Turns To Spring.” Yes, we live with fear and uncertainty for now, but hope is forever. I still hope for a better country.
May you all stay safe and healthy🗽🍀🧘‍♂️❤️

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  1. To my followers. Sorry for spelling motivation mitavation., I did re read. Going to blame isolation😘

    • You know, you can go into your settings and pull up your post to correct the error. 🙂
      I am so over all of this mess. I’m tired of turning on the TV or going online to check my email and being bombarded with all of the negativity in the world. Racism is a problem but it isn’t just against blacks as you have personally experienced. It is against ANYONE who is different. My mother brought me up to see people, not color so it is hard for me to relate to people who are prejudice. My life has been interrupted some but I have many many things to be grateful for and I am trying to focus on those. And I do wear my mask when I go out and physically distance myself from people. I do not like the word “social distance” because we should not be doing that… staying connected is more important than ever during a time like this.
      Stay safe and well my friend ❤

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