Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I try to turn nightmares into dreams. It can be done by removing all toxic people and thoughts. I always try and turn experiences that are not positive into life lessons. I remind everyone that the Internet is a place to be very cautious. I’m on many social networks and rarely if ever do DM on Twitter . I have not accepted over 200 requests on Instagram and keep a small account. All are private. Twitter DM are usually deleted and at times, when necessary blocked.

Your beautiful Friendship Garden must always be protected.

Hope everyone is getting back to a form of normalcy . We live in a crazy world and always important to keep our own world filled with nourishing food and people. As I always believe. Kindness should be contagious.

Happy almost Spring all.

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  1. What is DM?

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  2. Direct Message Used on Twitter. I

  3. Spring has almost sprung in TX. We have flowers up and buds on the trees and weeds.. ugh. Those are the worst so allergies abound.
    I wish love and kindness were more contagious… this world would be in a different place.
    I hope you are well my friend! ❤️

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