Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I try to turn nightmares into dreams. It can be done by removing all toxic people and thoughts. I always try and turn experiences that are not positive into life lessons. I remind everyone that the Internet is a place to be very cautious. I’m on many social networks and rarely if ever do DM on Twitter . I have not accepted over 200 requests on Instagram and keep a small account. All are private. Twitter DM are usually deleted and at times, when necessary blocked.

Your beautiful Friendship Garden must always be protected.

Hope everyone is getting back to a form of normalcy . We live in a crazy world and always important to keep our own world filled with nourishing food and people. As I always believe. Kindness should be contagious.

Happy almost Spring all.

Comments on: "Nightmare" (11)

  1. What is DM?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Direct Message Used on Twitter. I

  3. Rubén Bonilla said:

    You can give me the opportunity to send you a comment
    i fully understand your message
    Rubén Bonilla

  4. Rubén Bonilla said:

    You can unblock my TW account for a few minutes and I can write to you thanking you for all your kindness
    It a very important not to be so bad.
    Inmediately after you can block again
    Thank you.

  5. Spring has almost sprung in TX. We have flowers up and buds on the trees and weeds.. ugh. Those are the worst so allergies abound.
    I wish love and kindness were more contagious… this world would be in a different place.
    I hope you are well my friend! ❤️

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