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Emotional nourishment is better

I remember witnessing a couple fighting in a restaurant, and both said they hated each other. I also remember reading about hatred…”It destroys the vessel in which it is stored, not the object on which it is poured.”
It’s quite negative and useless to hate. Dislike is ok, letting go is better, and surrounding yourself, if possible, with love and emotional nourishment is the best!!!

The Power of Positive Thinking

How many self-help books have been written? The basic foundation Norman Vincent Peale wrote about in The Power of Positive Thinking, is reinforced with every book since. Doctors have come around to the mind/body connection. Very simple in a very complex world, to be Awake, Aware, and Alive and Ready, Willing, and Able to take on your challenges and turn them into the victory dance of life, with all its many adventures. Never easy, but at least worth the try. I dedicate these words with love, to my brother who is going through some serious medical issues. I visualize him back at work…I wish he had the same vision……………………………….It is now almost three months later and he is on his way to a great recovery. He decided at almost 84 to retire. His father lived to be 98 so he hopefully will have many years left to enjoy. I chanted for him and it worked. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo…


I have fond memories of actually writing letters on beautifully crafted stationery. I always signed off with “wishing you realistic rainbows.” Most didn’t get me or  the  understanding of the words. Many years have passed, and I rarely write letters…….Yesterday, I sat on a train for six hours traveling to Virginia. I thought a bit about rainbows. Quite magical with colors to delight most who experience them…..but looking for the pot of gold is unrealistic……so realistic rainbows?????? Well, perhaps enjoy life’s moments for just what they are, and at the time  nourishing your karma.


Loving family==emotional transfusions that last a lifetime.


Fantasy and imagination are emotionally delightful, but not to overdo.

A Place Called Peace

I’m staying with my 16-year-old granddaughter, while her parents are traveling. Last night, she had a bit of a nightmare, and asked to sleep with me. Of course I said yes, and then she asked for a story. That was our routine so many years ago. It was very late and I didn’t think I could come up with anything at such short notice…but once I started, the words came. This is what I told her.
There is a place deep in the woods. It takes a very long time to get there. But, you were determined to go. Unexplained forces that seemed to come from the universe, were pushing you forward to this journey. Well, you finally got to the destination you were supposed to be….a huge door covered with floral vines and beautiful sounds coming from the other side that you could hear. Music that was so beautiful and magical. Music that made you feel good from the inside out, and covered you with a powerful positive feeling of joy. You couldn’t wait to get the door opened….but not easy to do. It was steel and heavy beyond description. Seemed like an impossible task to open. You kept trying though, stopping to rest every so often…but you were relentless in your desire to open the door, and to
experience what was on the other side. Pushing, shoving, leaning your body against the door with all your might, and after a very long time it opened, every so slightly, but enough for you to see inside. It was everything you could have ever imagined an overwhelmingly glorious place to be.You laughed because even the animals were playing musical instruments. A young boy came up to you and said “Welcome to Peace of Mind. It took you a very long time to get here, and we all know what you accomplished, in using all the emotional and physical strengths you possess to be here. We honor honesty and integrity and truth as the essential element to living with Peace of Mind. You can live life to the fullest and accomplish life’s dreams…You will be ready to leave shortly, and take the words of one of our oldest visitors, Edith Wisdom…”You take yourself, wherever you go.” So go now and always remember how to give yourself peace of mind. Your mind is amazingly strong..Positive thoughts, a spiritual living mantra, being kind to yourself and others, nourishing food and people, deep breathing, and a glorious vision of a place called peace.”

She was fast asleep, and I wonder how much she heard..Well someone heard! Today her guidance counselor called to say she was doing very well in high school. In California, my youngest grandson just won his election as Veep of his school, his older brother attending Oxford for a semester and seeing a bit of the world. Good Karma and Peace of Mind are priceless. My wish for all who have just read this blog.

Experience with a psychic

Years ago I went to an astrologer in New York and she was very accurate.She and several others all told me I was a very old soul and at the time, so many years ago, I wasn’t fully aware of what that meant, Having always been curious about the mysteries of the unexplained,  I decided to go to a well known psychic in New York. He is so booked , he asked me not to put his name on my post. I will  respect his wishes.  He prefers that you not talk, but just listen and look at what he has written down.  He was spot on with his observations.  I was excited and full of awe about his predictions, but  shall have to wait and see. I would have liked to have seen him again soon, but he doesn’t encourage anyone coming back for at least two years. I have to say, he was “the real thing.”


Being soft in a hard world is hard.

Once upon a time

there stood with integrity, a little red house. It started out as a carriage house for horse and carriages that belonged to the people who lived in the big mansion. The mansion was torn down and a Frank Lloyd Wright home was built in its place, but the little carriage house was spared and for sale. It was surrounded by very large homes and if given a personality, would have been different, but proud nevertheless, waiting for someone to move in…humans preferred over horses this time. A couple with two small sons, not only saw the charm in the old house, but the price was right. A few minor changes were made and the family moved in. Soon the scent of fresh baked cookies, apples and cinnamon, sounds of laughter and joy filled the little house. There was a dutch door leading from the kitchen to the little porch, and neighbors always stopped by exalting in the essence the little house had. Holidays were celebrated as well as all occasions, with exhilaration, and the little house thrived as did the owners. The other homes were huge compared to the little red house, but none shone as brightly during the holiday season as the former home to horses and carriages did. A house that was filled with memories of family joys. The boys grew up and the house grew too little for the family. Time to make a decision. The little red house was going to be torn down and a new contemporary home would be built in its place.
A very difficult decision to make, but the land value had to be taken into consideration.

The day before my home was torn down, I went inside by myself and silence surrounded me. Empty of things, but not memories. Since I was a child, I have always given personalities to inanimate objects, and my home was no exception. It was so quiet, and yet the sounds and scents of the years spent were so embedded in my memory. I felt that I had to do something to mark this sad, but at the same time exciting time, since a new home would be soon on the site. I took out a pad and pencil and wrote a note to the little red house apologizing for the tear down, but with sincere thanks and love for the wonderful years, and in reality, it became the foundation for our new home. I try not to dwell too long in the past, but there are times I long for the little red house, my husband, and the two little boys who are now loving husbands and fathers.


Russian Proverb…

Longing for the past, is like chasing after the wind.