Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Grief surrounds you. Grief shadows you relentlessly..grief overwhelms you. The music stops. Your life as you knew it stops. You try to cope the best you can….and during this time of sadness, the people you thought were your friends were judging and questioning your grief. The intensity of one’s grief parallels the intensity of the relationship one is grieving for. The simple act of breathing becomes unbearable. The loving family and friends were there, walking side by side, on your side. One morning, many days, weeks, months later, a little sliver of sun shines on the darkness and life begins again slowly. But, laughter does not come so easy…..and may I add that eight years later, what I have learned in my life, is to focus on the moment and exalt in all that I am grateful for and I have so much love surrounding me. I try not to think about the large void in my life. I do allow myself a pity party every so often and I never stay too long at the party. Tears may flow, but I can stop them by my positive thinking of all that is good. I did this by myself without medication or therapy. Of course would never put down what works as long as it’s positive.. Many new books echo what Norman Vincent Peale said so many years ago, In The Power Of Positive Thinking.
True, soul connected love never dies, that’s how guardian angels are born.

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  1. Grief is my personal reflection when my beyond wonderful husband of almost 50 years died suddenly and without any warning. He had the capacity to love and the blessings of being loved.

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