Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

These were the words that always greeted us when we drove to Maine. I love fried clams and eating them gave me the reason to over indulge in tartar sauce. A vegetarian for most of my life, avoiding all animals I could hug or have some sort of ET (film) relationship with. Being in Maine during hunting season, you hear the frightening sounds of guns shooting deer. I envision tee shirts printed with the deer driving pick up trucks and humans strapped on top of the truck with their orange shirts….but still a most beautiful place to vacation with magnificent lake views to behold..and for the many who don’t mind eating lobsters that are boiled alive….and by the way, I also stopped eating clams..

Comments on: "“Maine…The Way Life Ought To Be”….for vegetarians eyes only.." (3)

  1. susan schrenzel said:

    I do believe there was a New Yorker Cartoon,cover?????? not sure….depicting tables turned between deer and humans.

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