Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Is it just me, or are women so much easier to meet? Terrific, wonderful, interesting, kind, and I could go on and on, making their emotional dents in our souls. I’m not saying all women, just the ones that share the same wave length. So easy to relate and interact with each other. . Not going into my astrology post just yet, but astrological aspects are loud and clear, when someone is put on our spiritual path and then in person. When you actually meet, it’s as though you are meeting someone you have known forever. Men not so much, unless you are one of the lucky ones to meet your soul mate. For me the greatest joy in life is being in love with a man who loves you back. If that never happens, loving yourself isn’t a bad idea.

Comments on: "Mother Nature Did Something Right" (2)

  1. Linda F said:

    You should have your own newspaper column.
    Everything you wrote in all the articles are so right on
    Be proud of yourself , you nailed it
    With love to a special friend

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