Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

There are times in life, when emotional opportunities present themselves. Not looking for them, but nevertheless, they are gifts from the universe….of course, you have to believe in the meant to be’s. as they become life lessons for all involved..I for one do, very strongly. I have a dear friend who is 95 and I visit her often, for her wisdom. She too, is very spiritual and lectures me to live life free of the judgement of others, and Edith’s favorite saying is “you take yourself wherever you go.” I think I have done that my entire life, and it does take a tremendous amount of emotional hard work. I try to live by the principles in my Buddhist practice, being kind to yourself and others. I will be posting an essay soon, on perhaps what could be a trend in giving women more choices in their personal life. I sincerely hope so…and in a recent amazing Oscar winning documentary, Searching for Sugarman, the prophetic music of Sixto Rodriquez, featured the haunting lyric “the sweetest kiss I ever got, was the one I never tasted.”

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