Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Friends and Family

I have been fortunate to have the best family and friends, their support and love have been my emotional transfusions. Now new friends and family….at Bloomingdales. I am a shopaholic, but only in my closet, where I refuse to let go of the things I used to wear in my other life, married and living in New Jersey. Why I decided to buy a few new pots and pans is such a mystery, that I have yet to unwrap them, and it’s been a week. Buy hey 20% off of something I don’t really need, is so much better than full price. I rarely cook and recently read stainless steel is much healthier to use, my excuse for the new fry pan and two pots. I never spent so much time buying things I didn’t need as I did for my new cookware. My old fry pan and pots did look a little worn, under a microscope, but they were old, and was that a chip I saw on the edge?? After lessons on how to take care of stainlees steel, I re thought the non stick and was reassured new non stick has no deadly chemicals seeping out to kill me. So finally decided on Italian cookware that comes with a lifetime warranty valid for USA and Canada only. So fortunate I live in the USA and must tell my children and grandchildren they have this warranty as my legacy to them. I must go food shopping and try out my new cookware, or maybe I’ll return and forfeit my friends and family, but just the Bloomie ones.

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  1. Keep it and enjoy it.

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