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New York City Encounter

Walking on Central Park West in the 90’s, my canine Havanese grandson had a brief relationship with a Poodle/Yorkie mix.
The conversation went like this: She said your dog is cute, what’s his name? I felt I had to say your dog is cute, and what’s his name? We exchanged dog names, not human ones.
I added that I was taking care of Lucky while my kids were away, and also my teenage granddaughter. He’s much easier.
She said, I have a 36 year old grandchild living with me and it doesn’t get any easier.
She wasn’t smiling.

Comments on: "New York City Encounter" (4)

  1. There are many in the same situation as that lady.

  2. True, especially in this economy…

  3. Have her read ‘A Place Called Peace’

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