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A Place Called Peace

I’m staying with my 16-year-old granddaughter, while her parents are traveling. Last night, she had a bit of a nightmare, and asked to sleep with me. Of course I said yes, and then she asked for a story. That was our routine so many years ago. It was very late and I didn’t think I could come up with anything at such short notice…but once I started, the words came. This is what I told her.
There is a place deep in the woods. It takes a very long time to get there. But, you were determined to go. Unexplained forces that seemed to come from the universe, were pushing you forward to this journey. Well, you finally got to the destination you were supposed to be….a huge door covered with floral vines and beautiful sounds coming from the other side that you could hear. Music that was so beautiful and magical. Music that made you feel good from the inside out, and covered you with a powerful positive feeling of joy. You couldn’t wait to get the door opened….but not easy to do. It was steel and heavy beyond description. Seemed like an impossible task to open. You kept trying though, stopping to rest every so often…but you were relentless in your desire to open the door, and to
experience what was on the other side. Pushing, shoving, leaning your body against the door with all your might, and after a very long time it opened, every so slightly, but enough for you to see inside. It was everything you could have ever imagined an overwhelmingly glorious place to be.You laughed because even the animals were playing musical instruments. A young boy came up to you and said “Welcome to Peace of Mind. It took you a very long time to get here, and we all know what you accomplished, in using all the emotional and physical strengths you possess to be here. We honor honesty and integrity and truth as the essential element to living with Peace of Mind. You can live life to the fullest and accomplish life’s dreams…You will be ready to leave shortly, and take the words of one of our oldest visitors, Edith Wisdom…”You take yourself, wherever you go.” So go now and always remember how to give yourself peace of mind. Your mind is amazingly strong..Positive thoughts, a spiritual living mantra, being kind to yourself and others, nourishing food and people, deep breathing, and a glorious vision of a place called peace.”

She was fast asleep, and I wonder how much she heard..Well someone heard! Today her guidance counselor called to say she was doing very well in high school. In California, my youngest grandson just won his election as Veep of his school, his older brother attending Oxford for a semester and seeing a bit of the world. Good Karma and Peace of Mind are priceless. My wish for all who have just read this blog.

Comments on: "A Place Called Peace" (14)

  1. Beautiful and poignant. I really loved your story.


    Just lovely!!!!!

  3. You could give guided meditation classes. I would enroll. It was lovely.

  4. A great compliment to start my day with joy. Thank you so much. Your words are appreciated.

  5. One of my favorites!!

  6. That Grandson said:

    Nice, Grams.

  7. Once, not a very long time ago ( imagination increases with age,at least in may case) I had a similar idea but I was not able to coat it in words as richly and beautifully as you did. I really enjoyed it!

  8. Antonia, I look forward to your comments and appreciate them very much. Thank you kindly and with everything I write, it is exactly how it happened that night. If the words are not mine, I give credit to quotes. Sometimes words flow and at times more difficult. This one was easy and feel good to have given pleasure to those that read and commented.

  9. gene coleman said:

    I love your blogs but this is quite the piece. I look forward to these and you’ve found a wonderful format for self-expression.

    • Thank you so much Gene, for your comment and look forward to more. Spirituality is wonderful, and creative souls feel the pull, in my opinion.

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