Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

TV…my friend

I am a bit wary of anything connected to a plug, no matter how necessary. Never taking people for granted, I do assume the “things” in my apartment will last forever. What I miss in my apartment? My very own washing machine and dryer, and in New Jersey I had Maytag and seemed to last forever. A given in the 50’s.
TV, computer, phones, hairdryer, flat iron, vacuum cleaner—-please keep working, that’s all I ask. My television is my best friend in the apartment with the computer a strong second best. I totally panic when weird things happen with my electronic compatibility mode.
Digressing, but have you ever noticed that people who don’t own a TV feel they must share that information? I prefer, don’t watch, don’t tell! My sister in law was at a party and met a man that she described as intelligent, charming, and he doesn’t watch television. The recommendation for me, would be the same if she said, intelligent, terrific, cute, and hunts. I don’t think a match made in the universe………………Mr. Charming called me, and within five seconds into our conversation, tells me he hates television and doesn’t even own one,(redundant) and he can’t imagine people watching the idiot box. Of course, within three seconds I felt compelled to tell him I have a very close relationship with my high definition television. I neglected to mention my stuffed westies and rabbits..
“Wow, you don’t even own a TV? Guess that would make it difficult to watch anything”. For me I added, “it’s the first thing I turn on in the morning, and the last thing that goes off at night”. (actually 50% of the time I listen to jazz, on my TV.) I said Wow again, to somehow diffuse his arrogance. “Television is an integral part of my life.” He said he had another call and would get right back to me. That was five years ago.

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