Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A Natural Choice

Taking matters in your own hand….a why not manual for women of all ages…You know just where and when, and for how long…round and round you go …a small voltive candle on the night stand, Channel Orange playing in the background, you glance at a picture of someone you loved so much, or you have your own fantasy, and you keep going round and round fast and faster and breathing so quickly, you almost can’t breath and then a release unlike any other…just totally relaxed… a faint smile, and if only there was someone to kiss…if only someone to hug you…if only…if only..

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  1. This post is meant, not to expose intimate details, but more about the larger picture. I have read many articles about the new reality re women and their choices. Supporting themselves both emotionally and financially, choosing to be a single Mom rather then waiting for the elusive Mr, Wonderful, and even the need for a husband is in decline. 50% of all marriages end in divorce and many aren’t willing to take the risk. No matter how independent we have become, and we can do pretty much anything on our own, the lyrics of R&B singer Joe Thomas’s song Man In Your Life, speak to me….but then again, are choices always there?

  2. Very touching words I received said there is no smile, only tears.

  3. it is not generally known that many women in the geriatric age groups have sexual
    wants and a means of satisfying them without a man. For that reason, this
    particular blog is very useful. I am in favor of anything that adds pleasure to life
    without harming others.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment. Too bad that it is not generally known, because women’s voices should be heard…all women!

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