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A Moment of Weakness

Over the years, I have certainly made phone calls that would have been better off not dialed..whether anger, a moment of weakness, or the glass of wine contributing to the weak moment. I have my own remedy. I do the physical part of picking up the phone, and I say what I feel…everything…I hold absolutely nothing back. A geyser of feelings cascading out. One big difference…I don’t dial.

Comments on: "A Moment of Weakness" (3)

  1. antonia said:

    It is time I should try to do the same.I have paid so many times in my life the price for picking up the receiver and dialing when it would have been safer not to.But, for the moment, the letting out of the steam made me feel wonderful, the state of euphoria that followed seemed worth of it.And then….. in most cases the consequences were not the most pleasant(to put it mildly).
    Next time I shall do it your way .I know, it is wiser,safer,better but at the same time I am sure there will be no pleasure for me in it.It is like washing your feet with your socks on.

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