Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A Wonderful Happening

When you travel by bus, as I do in the city, conversations start up in many strange ways. The bus was crowded, and we were all quite close to each other. A woman got on soon after I did. Very simple in dress, no makeup at all… she had a kind and sweet aura that seemed to flow from her very essence.. For some reason, I was drawn to her and I couldn’t understand why until we spoke, and then I knew. We looked at each other, and I noticed once again, that even her skin glowed, and her eyes twinkled when she smiled. No words were exchanged during this perhaps 30 second encounter of just standing right next to each other. The silence, broken when she whispered to me “do you know how old I am?” Well, no I said, and she didn’t, thank goodness, want to play the guess my age thing. ” I’m 86 and I have a boyfriend. We live together”….and that was it. I told her how great that was. I felt wonderful. The message was delivered.

Comments on: "A Wonderful Happening" (3)

  1. I want to add, after the little encounter, I not only smiled the rest of the day, but once again reinforcing “old memories, new hopes.”…hey, you never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Katherine M said:

    It looks as if there is hope for them that are searching for a boyfriend.


    • Not so much searching…just looking if someone is in “my path.” Alexander Pope. An Essay on Man, said “Hope Springs Eternal.”.

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