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Dear Diary,

Armed with instructions from the dog trainer, I took my canine grandson Lucky, a 5 month old Havenese  for a walk on Amsterdam Avenue. He was forever eating everything on the sidewalk, and the instructor had said to use only one phrase, once, very firmly and loudly. When the dog started to pick up some form of food, I loudly and firmly said, “Drop it.” At that moment, a well-dressed man in front of me was bending down to pick up a stray glove, which he immediately dropped and walked briskly away. Lucky proceeded to eat the garbage, but the command certainly worked on a stranger..

Lucky was running and playing with his wife Coco last week, and tore his ACL…having surgery Wed. am and wish our furry love a speedy and complete recovery. (all animal lovers can relate for sure.)

Comments on: "Metropolitan Diary New York Times…January 9th 2006" (5)

  1. Lucky came through surgery and will be home tomorrow…how much we love our furry family. Speedy and complete recovery my Lucky Love……

  2. Great news!

  3. susan schrenzel said:

    Relieved that Lucky had his surgery and that all will be well. He is beyond adorable.

    • Thank you, and he is beyond adorable. The furry loves in our lives stay in our soul forever. For me they do, for sure.

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