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I was wondering after reading my blog, what does being out there actually mean? Maybe outrageous activities like ski jumping, or joining a group, for seniors only.  Taking trips, lessons re wine making, tasting,  learning about everything gluten-free even though I have no issues there,  pottery classes, how to fish in a humane manner, outward bound,  beyond outward bound,  flying lessons, bungee jumping, hanging out at a bar, club, Penn. Station, Grand Central, all the airports, joining any and every religious group, even though I am not religious, taking tours of every area in New York City and beyond, skeet shooting, cooking classes, and any how to  do anything anywhere, and what I really want to do, a one woman show.  I realized especially in New York, many women of all ages go to therapists to find out how to have a relationship, and then the rest seem to go to find out how to happily live alone for the rest of their lives. Not sure about all this. If anyone has ever said to a single woman, that you have to “get out there,” please give some suggestions where “out there” is.

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  1. susan schrenzel said:

    “Out There” is a “frame of mind”….open,connected,approachable,non-judgmental.
    It’s an attitude. Not an activity or a place.

    • Of course, the logical answer, as well as a wonderful Facebook friend who also said not being “out there,” it’s about being in there and alert, awake, and available”. I believe I can make it happen, with help from the universe. Maybe!

  2. marianne Mccourt said:

    I would like to know that myself ( WHERE IS OUT THERE )

    • In the much larger picture, please read Susan’s comment for clarification and also I quote from a friend on Facebook. So being out there, is just feeling good about yourself and being aware, because……You Never Know! Thanks for reading blog and will always appreciate your comments….

    • ……………………and thinking about it a bit more, you have to be “out there” both emotionally and physically. He’s not going to fall through the roof. Not easy, I Know!

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